24th Nov 2015


What To Ask Your Construction Team Before Hiring Them

Whether you are looking for a team of builders to hire to assist you in building your establishment, immaterial of whether it is a residence or a commercial building, you will definitely want the best possible individual for the job. Having said this it is important to mention that irrelevant of how good some construction companies or teams look or sound on paper, it is a whole other story once you choose to hire them. To make sure that you do not get caught to, or have an experience such as this, you can either choose to go through construction recruitment agencies, which will basically help you to cut down on the usual amount of time one will take on choosing and shortlisting the potential candidates.

Immaterial of whether you have chosen to select your company through recruitment agency Melbourne at http://firstpersonnel.com.au/ or if you have decided to do it the old fashioned way, once you have shortlisted a number of potential candidates it is always a good idea to run through these questions with them.

Ask about previous projects
Ask them whether they have handled projects like you’re before; and if they have, ask if you can have a look at the final finish or the outcome. This will help you to get a better idea about how your project will end up looking like.

Ask about the added services they provide
You are also able to inquire as to the other benefits that you will receive if you choose their team to carry out your construction if compared to choosing another company. This will basically mean if they possess a team that is able to carry out all that needs to be done in the new construction; like for example, if they have an individual that is in charge of the wiring, wood work and / or contact for lights fixtures and fittings that they will be able to get a reduction in price on. These will be considered massive advantages in the long run if you really think about it

Inquire as to what is included in your estimate
You will also have to ask for an estimate on your project upfront. If the estimate is well within your budget, you can then ask them what is actually included in it. This is to make sure that the estimate usually includes a particular number of stuff that they will handle; and asking this will help you to make sure that it doesn’t ultimately go over your budget.

5th Nov 2015


How Can You Increase The Productivity Of Your Employees?

Today almost everyone is stressed up for many reasons. The pressure at work itself is one reason, also personal issues is another. As am employer or manager, you need your employees to perform their best and you have to get the maximum out of them. If so you have to help them out, to relieve their stress which in return gives you a much more productive team.

How to relieve their stress level?

One of the most effective and cheap methods is corporate massage. Yes, you heard it right, but there is no need for you to have a separate spa like place at your workplace. All you have to do is introduce chair massage to your employees, this method only requires a special chair and a therapist. Within a duration of 15 minutes a good massage can be given which will help your employees in a great deal. The neck, shoulder, arms and neck are the main focus areas of this particular method. This is a great way to experience a good massage over clothes in a convenient way at your own workplace.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits you can gain from corporate massage. A few of those are the improved employee morale, employee retention, increased employee productivity and all in all the company’s cost for employee health care can be reduced in large sums. These can be achieved through chair massage; since like many other massage methods chair massage will also help to reduce anxiety as well as depression while decreasing those constant headaches along with relief for back pain, which has become a problem for many people who has to sit all day long at one place at a stretch. All in all this technique will help to keep employees focused and on alert.

How to kick start?

So if you are thinking about the wellness of your employees, there companies out there who can advise you on what to do to increase the wellness of a company. Massage is only one way to get the best from your employees, there are many other ways, methods and things you can do to achieve your goal. One time as well as continuous training programmes, seminars are also done by the wellness experts. They will come and visit your workplace and asses the current situation and give you options to fit your budget as well as the situation. Contact them to start an effective program immediately, because you can always count on experts to give you the optimal solutions at all times.

19th Oct 2015


Ways to Seek A Job


You might have prepared to seek a job after completing your resume and researching into requirements of your job within a specific industry. You might also have great qualifications and you could just possibly be the perfect candidate. However, you must communicate your requirement of a job to the prospective agency or employer in order to get a job. There are various ways in which this communication could take place. Listed below are some mediums through which you can come find your potential job or mediums through which your job could find you!

Ask around

One of the easiest ways to look for a job is to just ask around. Ask your friends and family or even colleagues if they have heard of any openings in any firms that relate to the job that you require. There is always the odd chance that somebody will know of an opening or perhaps even have a good enough network to help you find someone established within a company. This is also one of the ways in which you really do not need to spend any money on unless you have to make some calls. It does not matter whether the person you ask knows of specific online listings or Sydney labour hire companies. Just note it down and get started!

Newspaper listings

While newspapers are excellent sources of current affairs, it can also hold sections that advertise jobs. This does not cost much and you can even borrow the newspaper that your parents or family subscribe to. Find out if there are any relevant listings and highlight them. Take out an empty sheet of paper and call them one by one to see if they still have vacancies and write down the deadline to submit your documents. In addition to reading listings, you can also publish your own advertisement in the paper of how you are seeking a job. This can direct you to labour hire companies. All you need to do is visit the newspaper agency and pay the allocated price to post your wishes. There are certain newspapers that can be found online as well. Get to know more about labour hire agencies and how they can help you with employment, see this page http://www.labourking.com.au/services/  for more information.

Civil service exams

If you wish to join the public sector, you can sit for a civil service examination. This test is divided into two parts, mainly the aptitude tests and general studies. Certain public sector jobs that are related to this exam include jobs such as the police service and foreign services. The examination will be different from country to country as it is tailored to fit the background of the country that it is set in.

21st Sep 2015


Get Your Skills Polished Through Temporary Office Work

With the world continuously undergoing an economic downturn, work hunters must be ever wondering how to keep their skill sets fresh until they get a new work prospect in hand. With a pile of new software and hardware products being generated every passing day, you might at times feel outdated and a bit behind the bar.

Well, if you can relate to the above scenario, then you need to hunt in the temp jobs http://www.iwannajob.com.au/ column where you will be able to come across some kind of occupation that would suit your likes and get you back up to speed.

Just as you may understand from the word itself, temp jobs meaning work on contract, or a temporary work or project employment is these days used by both small as well as large companies all across the world. In fact, as per the current employment setting, there has been a boon in this area because of the economic hardships which numerous companies have been enduring. Many a time’s companies are forced to let go of a number of full-time employees, while they still have a staff up for team up for certain projects which requires tons of manpower. There are even times, when permanent employees take a break due to illness, vacation or other reasons of absence and so the need for temporary or contract job seekers arises.

There are a good number of benefits that come from temporary work opportunities:

  • Your skill set gets refined and polished: When you take up a contract or provisional work, in any company, it provides you a chance to stay positive and you work in a much better way so that you may get a permanent full-time job in the company. At the same time, these kinds of work, helps in updating your skills at the same time you also earn a decent income. If there is any new software that has earned a place in your area, there will be a chance for you to get polished with it and you can add this to your resume too.
  • Flexibility for Interviewing: If there is a forthcoming interview for a permanent job opening, you will be able to organize your temporary work way in advance and place a slot for the interview in your schedule.
  • You get the chance to come across new career opportunities for backpacker jobs: If you are taking up a contract work in a sector which you are not quite familiar with, it will pave way for you to understand or recognize a new career option which you may have never ever thought about otherwise. By sampling water of your workforce section, you gain the opportunity to learn useful insights into what you consider and what you do not consider as a dream job!